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In need of tree removal?

Sometimes trees die or decline in health unexpectedly. For many property owners, it is easy to miss early signs of trees or shrubs showing signs of disease or distress. Weather conditions like floods, high winds, droughts, and lightning can also negatively impact the health of our trees. North Lake Tree Service can help you determine if a tree needs to be removed.

Healthy Trees and Land Owner Associations

Some property owners request healthy trees to be removed for other reasons. North Lake Tree Service is able to provide full-cycle tree cutdown and removal services for all of your projects. We will help work with any Homeowners or Property Owners Associations to obtain proper permitting for your job and clean-up and haul away all debris.

Why do we remove trees?

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Trees hanging over the roof or too close to a structure might need to be removed – or at least regularly pruned. In general, large trees should be at least 20 feet away from a house or building.

Healthy Tree Checklist

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Look for living twigs that bend. Dead and unliving twigs break easily.

There should be strong bark. Peeling or missing bark is a sign of an unhealthy tree. 

Check for healthy leaves (or needles in the case of evergreen trees). They should be abundant and in the proper color, shape, and size for the time of year. 

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