Storm Prep and Recovery

Our trained and knowledgeable forestry experts can inspect and evaluate the trees on your property and develop a preparedness plan for you to ensure your trees are strong and healthy. 

Preventative Pruning and Post Storm Inspections

Regular tree maintenance can mean a world of difference when it comes to tree strength during a storm. Proper tree maintenance can reduce damage to your trees and property, maximizing your safety. 

Preventative pruning to thin the top of the tree, the canopy, reduces wind resistance and in turn, the force that can damage branches or even the trunk of the tree. In addition, pruning removes dead branches that can break easily, causing damage to the tree and the surrounding landscapes.

Post-storm inspections can also be critical since some damages trees may incur can not be easily seen by the untrained eye.  Our experts can identify potential risk factors or damages which may have occurred to limbs higher up in the canopy due to high winds, ice or other inclement weather and provide you with recommendations for how to ensure you have the strongest and healthiest trees possible.

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